colorful, overlapping circlesI love learning and helping others learn, and I spent nearly a decade as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at a few different institutions. Before that, I earned my PhD at the University of Washington and my BA from Reed College.

At the end of 2021, having just been recommended for promotion and tenure by my department at the time, I decided to liberate myself from the problematic working conditions at that institution so that I could spend more time on my research and do a better job of living in accordance with my values more generally. It feels good to be embarking on new adventures.

But I’m continuing to do research as an independent scholar. My research interests are mainly in the areas of moral psychology, ethics more broadly construed, and feminist philosophy. I am particularly interested in our moral responsibility for things other than actions (including attitudes, desires, character traits, and even concepts), climate ethics, and the morality of emotions and of interpersonal relationships (especially friendships).

Despite opting out of university employment, I’m pleased to continue serving as a journal referee, participating in reading groups, and more generally, helping workshop drafts with folks whose interests overlap with my own.

I’ve taught courses in ethical theory, environmental ethics, biomedical ethics, justice, emotions and moral responsibility, partiality in ethics, feminist philosophies, philosophy of mind, and logic & critical thinking.

I love reading widely, traveling to places near and far, trying new vegan foods, swimming, working with various community organizations, learning languages, observing wildlife, and arts-related activities. For instance, you can see part of one of my paintings on this page.