“Courage as an Environmental Virtue” just published in Environmental Ethics

The latest issue of the journal Environmental Ethics contains an article by yours truly, which is called “Courage as an Environmental Virtue.” Here is a brief abstract:

In this paper, I argue for the claim that we should give courage a more significant place in our understanding of how familiar virtues can and should be reshaped to capture what it is to be virtuous relative to the environment. After discussing the virtues that tend to be emphasized by environmental virtue ethicists and some ways that courage is different from them, I build on Matthew Pianalto’s account of moral courage to explain what a specifically environmental moral courage would look like. Then I discuss three benefits that we can expect to gain by recognizing courage as an environmental virtue: (1) it helps us recognize the high stakes nature of much environmental activism, (2) it can make environmental activism (or tolerance of it) appealing to a broader audience, and (3) it aides in the de-militarization of the concept of courage.