“The Creeps as a Moral Emotion”

Have you ever felt the creeps? I sure have! But it turns out that historically, philosophers have pretty much ignored this emotion, and there are lots of philosophical questions about the creeps and about creepiness that are definitely worth considering.

I had a lot of fun co-writing “The Creeps as a Moral Emotion” with Jeremy Fischer, and the final version of the article has now been published by Ergo! Ergo is an open access academic journal (which means that anyone with an internet connection can find and read the article for free), so hurray for that! 

Co-writing is still pretty rare for philosophers, but bouncing ideas off each other can be invigorating, challenging, and rewarding. I probably wouldn’t commit to doing it if I didn’t already know my co-author pretty well, but based on my experience, I would recommend it as an interesting change of pace for folks who have a track record of productive philosophical exchange.